Things you should do this summer

Things you should do this summer

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How do remote teams collaborate on projects?

This is a question I hear quite a bit when consulting for ProCourse. A small business is starting to bring on remote contractors and they’re struggling to keep everyone on the same page or find it hard to effectively delegate who’s in charge of a given task.

But think about it. The nature of the problem dictates the use of a digital, cloud-based tool of some kind and there are way too many of them to choose from. And yet, with all the available options, we still want more. Combine the numerous options with hacked together solutions or homebrew web applications and the mess continues to grow.

So it’s encouraging to see a large, virtual company address this exact problem using a digital tool built for this exact issue and share it publicly.

The Buffer team uses Trello to organize around their projects internally. It’s a pretty common tool for the task at hand, but they have a few interesting ways to use boards that I’ve not seen before. So if you have a team you’re trying to keep in alignment, give this article a look.

- @joebuhlig

Turning automation into a podcast

This week @Sparky and @rosemary unveiled a new podcast completed dedicated to automation:

As productivity folks (and many of us self-employed), automation is a huge boon to our ability to get things done quickly, effectively, and inexpensively. Take a listen to this new podcast that dives into a new automation topic each episode.

- @justindirose

Follow your passion or work harder?

Ever had someone tell you to just follow your passion? To do what you love? A lot of times, this can be half-baked advice that doesn’t tell the whole story. Cal Newport dives into the difference between following your passions and working hard to master something. It’s an idea gaining traction, and worth a look.

- @justindirose

OmniFocus Resources

OmniFocus Black Belt @rosemary has generously compiled a list of her favorite OmniFocus resources. Sometimes It’s nice to have a quick reference list of some respected resources about OmniFocus.

OmniFocus can be a tough cookie to crack. It took a lot of patience and testing to finally find my workflow. But once you get into it, it’s hard to un-learn the way OmniFocus works. We seem to keep coming back to it when there are other options out there.

- @wilsonng

The Evolution Of Getting Things Done With David Allen

@mikevardy interviews David Allen to see how GTD has evolved since its introduction in 2001. They also discuss the new book, Getting Things Done For Teens.

Productivityist Podcast Episode 203: The Evolution of Getting Things Done with David Allen

I’ve always liked GTD. Some people might slag it for being too rigid or too complicated. But it’s a nice foundation to build a productivity workflow. Our productivity workflows will flow and change as our situation changes. New life challenges come and we have to adapt our workflow to meet any new demands that come.

The new book, Getting Things Done for Teens, provides a different take on the GTD workflow. If you found the original book, Getting Things Done, a little too dry or clinical, this version might make it easier to absorb the basic habits of GTD.

- @wilsonng

What do successful people do in the summer?

Summertime is in full effect now. The kids are off in summer camp and I have some downtime. This is the perfect time for me to reboot myself. New Year’s Day is the start of a new year and we make New Year resolutions that sometimes fails. The mid-year is the perfect time to re-assess ourselves and course correct when things are starting to go astray.

I do my daily and weekly reviews to help me with the immediate and near future work. Then I like to do a self-assessment once every 6 months. If you’ve ever been on an airplane, one degree of deviation can set the whole plane on a different course. We don’t feel that one degree but it can influence our path immensely.

This post has seven tips to help us start the second half of the year with a strong finish.

- @wilsonng