So Things 3 looks sort of nice... (help!)

So Things 3 looks sort of nice... (help!)

(Wilson Ng) #22

I like testing and then posting my initial discoveries. Then I invite people to poke at at my post and bring up questions and offer alternative viewpoints. That will help me improve and fine tune a workflow. Then I re-iterate and put it out again to see if I can improve something. That was what I do when I go deep and put up a post in these forums. We look forward to seeing something from participants join in and share some workflows and experiments. I actually look forward to seeing a Things user put up a post. Hope to hear from you when you’ve gotten the time to gather your thoughts, :+1:t2:

I visited Things 3 and 2Do for a while to see if I can emulate some of their workflows. I was able to get fairly close to T3’s Today and Scheduled. It wasn’t an exact match but I understood the concept well enough to create my own custom perspectives.

I do like T3’s but ultimately stayed with OmniFocus. I suspect that Cultured Code has lit a fire under their collective butts and are working hard to eventually match OF3. I view T3 as a version 1.0 product because it was rewritten from the ground up. So it will be exciting to see what Cultured Code has coming up. They just don’t seem to be as forthcoming about future versions. It did take a while for Omni to unwrap and share some details about OF3. But it’s gonna be great to see OF3 when it finally arrives.

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(Brad Wright) #24

I’ve been using Things 3 for 2 weeks now after using OF for literally years (since early version 1, and pre-iOS).

Things I like about Things:

  • It’s super fast on iOS. Launching OF takes several seconds even on a brand new iPhone, whereas things is instant. This is a huge deal for entering new tasks or checking things off
  • It places project views front and centre by making the project notes prominent. Opening a project in a Things window makes it really feel focused (vs OmniFocus’s really poor treatment of notes in general - they’re totally an afterthought IMO) - see attached screenshot for an example of how well this is treated
  • The keyboard shortcuts are awesome (OF has good shortcuts too, but Things has nailed the usability aspect)
  • It has checklists that are embedded in tasks in a non-clunky way (I always found nested tasks in OF to be pretty unusable). In particular, this made my repeating Daily Review a single task with a checklist attached, which feels a lot more natural than OF could do it
  • Sync is very quick and reliable. OF is very reliable, but not quick

Things I miss about OF:

  • Custom perspectives, but I’m missing these less and less as my brain conforms to the way Things works
  • URL schemes on iOS (Things has crappy integration/share panels as well)
  • I prefer OmniGroup as a company
  • Actual “Waiting” contexts
  • Sequential projects. Projects are all parallel.

Things I’m on the fence about:

  • Structure vs freedom. I’m finding myself caring less about the freedom of OF because of the frictionless experience of Things
  • Tags vs contexts - so far I haven’t really used tags much at all, and it’s been fine because I use Areas to narrow my worlds (so adding these in OF3 wouldn’t be a major thing for me)

(Pavel Novikau) #25

Hi, here is my workflow scheme for Things3 - dropbox link

Create Your Personal Productivity Wiki
(Martin) #26

I recently switched to things 3 from using omnifocus for years and haven’t looked back.

My time spent doing weekly reviews and monthly reviews has actually halved!

This may sound weird but my main teething issue of using Things 3 initially was actually how easy it was. I was so used to setting up complex projects in omnifocus that when I switched to things the lack of friction was jarring.

I’m around 2 months into using Things and I’m not going back to Omnifocus. It also only took me around a week to adjust to using things, not a solid full week, just an hour here and there.

Also if you’re thinking about switching they have an AppleScript to migrate all your tasks to it.

(Martin) #27

Little update:

I’ve since ran into a problem with Things.

When I used omnifocus I constantly used the complete and await reply script however to keep track of leads. (I work in Fashion in London and constantly chasing people to create new connections is a huge part of the business as it’s very competitive).

However, I can’t do this on things.

This has meant I’ve had to use a sort of manual system to find out who I’ve been contacting and it’s not worked out so great. People are slipping through the cracks.

I’m trying to find a solution for the above but nothing is seeming to stick.

I won’t be shifting back to Omnifocus, as this small niggle isn’t enough to do a full system shift, I just need to find a solution to this.

(Wilson Ng) #28

I thought Things 3 has scripting capabilities? Of course that means you’ll have to figure out scripting or pay someone to do it for you…

(Mat) #29

Easiest thing would be to simply set a reminder or a specific tag for your leads to follow up on.