"One app to rule them all"

"One app to rule them all"

(Jeremy Wells, EA) #22

I have his book, but I haven’t read it. I worked off of his blog post.

What I liked

  • The concept of connecting long-term goals, monthly and weekly guideposts, and daily journaling.
  • A system that uses the whole journal (FtB and BtF).

What did not work for me (YMMV)

  • Carrying two different journals, even slim cahiers, was too much.
  • Just like with any paper-based journal/task management system (such as bullet journaling), there’s a lot of rewriting incomplete or uncompleted tasks or goals.
  • It’s paper, although I’ve taken some parts and replicated them digitally

(Avrum Nadigel) #23

I made it through 1/2 the book… some ok ideas, but I’m in a pretty good place with my setup, so I’m not yearning for something new to adopt. It’s a good place to be in.

(Shelley A. Goff) #24

I use Marketcircle’s Daylite. It does integrate well with Mac Mail with the built in plug in

(Avrum Nadigel) #25

I tried - so, so many times - to make Daylite work for me. In the ned, there were too many features I didn’t use, and too many wonky issues with the features I did use.

(Joe Buhlig) #26

What were you using before you started using Daylite? And if it integrates with something else that you then use, doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

(Ed M) #27

The core of the truth.

Reminds me of the common dialog in the early 90’s when the PC thing was getting started:

“I am going to buy a PC”
“Great! What are you going to do with it?”
"silence :open_mouth: Em, balance my checkbook?"

(Joe Buhlig) #28

This made me laugh. :joy: But it’s so true.

(Shelley A. Goff) #29

I’ve used Daylite for more than 10 years. Used entourage before that, and before that some windows app at work. When I say intergrate with mail, daylite has a mail assistant that uses Mac mail, both to send email to contacts held in Daylite and to link emails to contact and projects in Daylite. It’s as close to one app to rule them all as I have seen.

(Shelley A. Goff) #30

I think any app that would qualify as an me app to rule them all is going to have a ton of features. I don’t use every feature in Daylite simply because I don’t have a use for them. But I use most.

(Joe Buhlig) #31

Whoa! I had no idea they’d been around that long. That’s impressive on it’s own feet.