OmniFocus: “Visit” actions in lieu of listing all tasks to do


I’ve been very slowly going through “Creating Flow with OmniFocus” by Kourosh Dini. Really great book, but my goodness is this thing thorough. :grimacing: Anyway, I found a nugget in here that he also mentioned in his screencast on Learn OmniFocus. He recommended that instead of flagging your entire review project to be seen in your Dashboard perspective, create a single task in that project that is flagged with a link back to the project.

This really helps cut down on clutter in my Dashboard now. A sample of what my perspective looked like before/after.


  • Review Inboxes
  • Review Waiting On
  • Review Forecast
  • Review Weekly Plan


  • Visit Daily Review

This really helps to keep my perspectives from just looking unruly.



  • The only caveat I’ve found is that I had to create a new perspective for my reviews since I’m completing this project every day. Which makes it impossible to properly link directly to it, I believe.

Anyway, I hadn’t thought about this before and thought maybe someone might find it useful.


You can link directly to perspectives. From Inside Omnifocus:


Handling spaces: make sure you’ve added the HTML entity %20 as a substition for each space!


(Justin DiRose) #3

When I was using OF, I did this in combination with the Dashboard perspective. I would select the “Visit” task, use the Focus feature, then switch to the Projects tab. It was a quick way to get to the info I needed, nothing more, while keeping my higher level view uncluttered.


Thanks. :slight_smile: Right. That’s what I’m doing. I was originally trying to link directly to my “Daily Review” project, but that link expires after I complete it daily.


Ha…misinterpreted your “con.” Sorry!


No hard feelings here. I’d rather get advice and fix something I have wrong. :smiley:

(Joe Buhlig) #8

For sure! It’s a solid book for going deep into OmniFocus and seeing what it’s capabilities are. But, like you’ve realized, you need to find the pieces that work for you in the midst. Dini is great for that.

To expand on @ediventurin’s point, I used to do this for checklists so I could link to the main checklist project without the link going bad on completion: