OmniFocus 3 Dashboard perspective setup

OmniFocus 3 Dashboard perspective setup
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(Claud Cameron) #1

I’m reading Joe Buhlig’s book about OmniFocus and am trying some of the things about which he writes. One of these is the Dashboard perspective. The new version of Omnifocus makes difficult to set this up - it uses tags instead of contexts (or calls contexts tags). I’ve been struggling with it, does anyone have suggestions?

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(Justin DiRose) #2

@claudcameron welcome to the Guild!

I think it’s pretty similar to set up on OF 3 (aside from a different interface), but you’re right in that it may be harder with ordering Tags by priority. That can get played with a bit.

Is there anything particular you’re having trouble with?

(Claud Cameron) #3

Yes, I cannot get the perspective to pick up items due or deferred to today.

(Justin DiRose) #4

The closest thing I can come up with is below.

This will show all overdue/due soon/flagged tasks, as well as any tasks that are available and have a defer date set. Feel free to tweak the settings to your needs. I haven’t battle tested this quite yet.

(Claud Cameron) #5

Thanks - from first glance I think this will work. The way OmniFocus 3 sets things up is a little different from 2.2.

(Justin DiRose) #6

It is. The new perspectives add a ton of capability, but they take a little bit to wrap your mind around.

(Joe Buhlig) #7

@claudcameron, did this end up working for you? I can’t help but be curious now.

(Wilson Ng) #8

I have the same view settings by I changed the second image to show:

Group actions by: Tag
Sort actions by: Due

This lets me look at whatever context/tag I am in and work from that context. I also like to get my Due Soon/Overdue tasks higher up the last.

If I didn’t have to work in contexts a lot (maybe as a self-employed person who works from home) then I would keep Group by actions to Ungrouped.

The new perspective takes a while to get used to. You just have to carefully remember where the new rules are nested under:

All of the following

  1. Rule 1
  2. Rule 2
  3. Rule 3

Any of the following

  1. Rule 1
  2. Rule 2
  3. Rule 3

None of the following

  1. Rule 1
  2. Rule 2
  3. Rule 3

You can create all kinds of filter settings based on these three conditions.