My Things 3 Setup and Workflow

My Things 3 Setup and Workflow
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(Curtis Spendlove) #21

I agree with the security concerns. I don’t usually work with such incredibly sensitive things that I can’t email them.

The Things team seems pretty interested in security, but any time you toss something to email, who knows.

I have actually disabled the Email to Things integration on one repo that does include sensitive information (primary possible trade secrets) that I need to lock down.

But that is “day job” stuff anyway, so no major issue.

I’m trying to eliminate workflows that rely on AppleScript. I feel the way forward with automation is likely to be Web API / JavaScript based.

(Joe Buhlig) #22

I’m with you here. I wish I had written most of my AppleScripts in JS at this point. But when I started, OmniFocus didn’t have JS support so I stuck with it. Nowadays, I want everything to have an API.

(Curtis Spendlove) #23

:: sigh ::

So, it has been a while since I’ve posted in here. Not because Things is going badly, just because I haven’t really done anything noteworthy with it for a while.

And then… today I get an email.

“The Omni Group has invited you to test “OmniFocus 3”

Sometime I wonder if I should throw my phone in the lake and search eBay for a Motorola Razr. :wink:

(Wilson Ng) #24

Was there something that you wanted Things (or whatever task manager of choice) to do for you? If you’re getting your stuff done, isn’t that all that really matters?

Or did you put Things away and went back to pen and paper or another digital app?

I think the app is just a tool. It’s the process that we need to focus on. The app helps us organize our projects, one-off tasks, maintenance work, and pipe dreams. But it’s elbow grease and hard work that gets us through.

I’ve learned not to fall in love with the app but fall in love with the process. I know I got that dopamine hit when I first get that OmniFocus TestFlight e-mail. But that quickly fades after a few days as I work to learn about the new features in OmniFocus 3. It’s still a work in progress but I think I’m slowly figuring out how it fits into my system now.

(Justin DiRose) #25

I wonder if this this is why people switch task managers so often. We lose the dopamine rush of using the tool and checking off tasks, so we look for a way to get that again.


I think so. It’s why I switch sometimes. Other times I think maybe I’ll find a better system than I have. Often times I don’t. :man_shrugging:t2:

(Justin DiRose) #27

I’m pretty sure this is why I switch so much, too. But I wonder if there’s a better solution…


One of the things I’d love to see more of is how people actually use their tools. Thanks @wilsonng. :grin:

I’m guilty of this as I haven’t posted enough detail to make it worthwhile for most but many times it’s not that I need to switch tools but I need to see it used differently. That same “high” can be achieved just by re-arranging. However sometimes that “high” needs to be ignored too because it’s just wasting time. It’s a constant battle for me.

(Mike N) #29

A big part of the issue with the desire to switch / tinker with a system, is due to reading about productivity systems on a regular basis. When that is a hobby or interest, you are constantly flooded with new and novel ideas. There are so many tools developed on a regular basis it becomes difficult to not want to chase the new shiny idea. The chance of coming across the silver bullet that will make everything fall into line is no different than the addictive nature of social media or email can provide. Dopamine is a hell of a drug.

Same thing happens with diet and exercise programs


(Curtis Spendlove) #30

No, nothing in particular. I’m just, overall, trying to get technology to work for me, instead of against me.

I’m actually quite happy with Things. I got that dopamine hit from the OmniFocus beta. But ultimately it didn’t draw me in enough to make me want to switch back. Probably, mostly due to forcing myself that the grass is perfectly green on the current side of the fence.

Still using Things, still very happy. I’ll have to come back in with an update soon.

Teaser: I’ve completely disabled the GitHub Email to Things… they just ended up being duplicated work. I already use GitHub as a task dashboard (focused down to development work) so having to manage and check them off in Things just wasn’t worth it. (I find a code push to be more satisfying than tapping a checkbox.)