My Things 3 Setup and Workflow

My Things 3 Setup and Workflow
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(Curtis Spendlove) #21

I agree with the security concerns. I don’t usually work with such incredibly sensitive things that I can’t email them.

The Things team seems pretty interested in security, but any time you toss something to email, who knows.

I have actually disabled the Email to Things integration on one repo that does include sensitive information (primary possible trade secrets) that I need to lock down.

But that is “day job” stuff anyway, so no major issue.

I’m trying to eliminate workflows that rely on AppleScript. I feel the way forward with automation is likely to be Web API / JavaScript based.

(Joe Buhlig) #22

I’m with you here. I wish I had written most of my AppleScripts in JS at this point. But when I started, OmniFocus didn’t have JS support so I stuck with it. Nowadays, I want everything to have an API.