Moving from Tool to Tool

(guildbot) #1

Drew gives Joe a surprise check-in to see how his pen-and-paper task management system is working. A new distraction-less phone is hitting the market, and it leads to a conversation about what distracts us, and the different ways to avoid it.
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Things (
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The episode where the Siempo was discussed (
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Scheduling Posts on Instagram (

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(Wilson Ng) #2

I’ve always suspected that liberating myself from my iOS device and Mac and writing down on paper the major tasks for today has been refreshing. Having those tasks on paper allows me to stay focused instead of diving right back into my task manager whenever I reach for digital.

I can understand the pull of analog better. If I were to go analog, I would need to do the Bullet Journal and then supplement it with the Due app. The BuJo would be where my main projects and tasks are. Then I would put reminders in the Due app.

I know the Due app hasn’t been updated in a while but I can’t imagine what other features it would need before turning into a full-blown task manager like Things or OmniFocus. It’s simple and it does what it needs to do without becoming a project manager. The Due app is Apple Reminders on steroids.

I’m excited to be using a little of each. OmniFocus 3 for projects, notebook for today’s tasks, and Due app for routine reminders. I can have the best of both worlds instead of going “all analog” or “all digital.”

I wonder if anyone else has any tips about how they go about their day with their tools of choice?

(Joe Buhlig) #3

This is exactly what I do. Due handles the dings I need in my day to keep me aligned.

Good point. They’ve kind of worried me with very little for updates. That may be unfounded, though. :thinking:

(Justin DiRose) #4

It might be being handled like Editorial. That app rarely gets updated but is still rock solid.