Mindmapping and goals


(Wilson Ng) #1


Well, it’s that time of the year where I start wrapping up loose ends. I quickly survey the scene and find goals that have been accomplished, goals that just never got started, and goals that still have some legs and are ongoing. I really needed a better way to keep track of my goals. My goals just keep getting lost in the weeds of OmniFocus’ projects and next actions.

I’ve always been great at using OmniFocus for my tasks, projects, and Areas of Responsibilities. But I never really quite got around to wrapping my head around goals. Maybe it’s the fear of failure or I’m just unsure of what my goals and visions are.

I just saw the MindNode 5 came out and I thought I’d give mind mapping another go-around to see if I can map out 2018. I wanted to find something to test out MindNode 5 and took advantage of its 2 week free trial. A quick download from the Mac App Store and I’m ready to go.

I had an old “goals” mind map from iThoughtsX and decided to restart from scratch. I haven’t been really good at using mind maps. It was a class exercise that I remembered using in 8th grade but I never developed my mind mapping skills after that. I started mind mapping in 2016 because it seemed like the big thing to do. A number of mind mapping apps such as MindJet Mindmanager, Novamind, iThoughtsX, and MindNode were pushed out to the market to entice people into this different way of thinking.

I was happy when I created my first goals mind map and thought of all the different strategies, projects, and goals that I’d be accomplishing. But I think I stopped trusting my mind map because it wasn’t updated to reflect new changes in life every couple of months. Yep, it’s time to reboot my mind map and figure out where my head is at now and where I want to go. I think I need to make this as part of my monthly review. I can’t trust it if I don’t update it. The only way to update it is to review it on a monthly basis so that it will reflect the current reality and not the reality of 6 months ago.

I based my new mind map on my OmniFocus folder structure. Each folder represented an Area of Responsibility that I am in charge of. As a starter, I did half of my folders so far. I’ll need to flesh out the other Areas of Responsibility but I did some of the more important folders as a way to start this experiment. Then I added a few of the currently active projects from each folder into this mind map. I’ll add the “On Hold” projects later.

OmniFocus folders

Here’s part of what I came up with.

I think I might have to look at some mind maps that are probably within a Google search distance away from me.

For now, I have the Areas of Responsibilities (House,Office, Personal, Toys to buy [big boy toys], Personal Development, and my side job at UOG) and a subnode representing a project that I am responsible for.

I think I might have to rename some of these subnodes and use more descriptive verbs to indicate a goal that I am trying to achieve (“Renovate the house so that I can live in a beautiful castle” or “Create a new home office that will become my center operations to rule over the Evil Empire.”). So I’ve got work to do here when it comes to properly renaming projects in the mind map and in OmniFocus.

It was interesting to see MindNode 5’s ability to add tasks. I liked being able to check off projects and see the status circle slowly fill up. In my Office node, it looks like I have about 50% of this area completed. I wonder if this might be a better way to gauge how much I’m getting done in this node and if it will actually compel me to try to complete the status circle to 100%?

My Life node

I think I’ll need to work on this a bit more to flesh out my specific situation. It’s the end of the year and it’s the perfect time to reflect back on what was done in 2017 and to envision what to work on in 2018. Maybe this will kickstart my underlying desire to start a 12 week year habit?

Does anyone have any ideas about how to make your own “goals” mind map? I’m curious to see if there are any strategies about goal planning. I’m sure I could use something like Trello or an outline instead. Maybe it’s a mind map or it might be another way creating a goals vision. Anybody have their own ideas?

Back In The Groove
(Wilson Ng) #2

A side note about MindNode 5. It’s an interesting app. Straightforward interface and easy to look at. But there isn’t really anything here that would make me want to change from iThoughtsX. The only addition that I might find vaguely interesting is that MindNode 5 has an outline view so that I can see my mind map in a different perspective.