Joe Buhlig's iPhone Home Screen

Joe Buhlig's iPhone Home Screen

(Joe Buhlig) #1

What is the concept behind your home screen? Why did you set it up the way you did?

I want it simple. So I keep it to a single screen of apps. And I really like having the extra space between the home row and the rest of the grid.

The only way this works is if you’re using Spotlight as an app launcher. Anything that isn’t normal, every day use goes into the folder in the top-right. I launch any apps from there via Spotlight. This is great if you an app (email) that you want to avoid using. It’s nice to create a little resistance to opening it.

What are your three most used apps?

  • OmniFocus
    I reference my task list quite a bit throughout the day. Not as much as I used to but I still pull it up a lot.

  • Drafts
    This is where everything starts for me. Every idea or search I want to kick off begins here. I love being able to get the thought out of my head and decide where it goes after the fact.

  • Fantastical
    I keep my daily schedule and planned tasks here. So I’m frequently checking in to see if I have time to wrap up a few emails before I start client work or maybe wrap up editing #theoretical.

What app should you delete?

Email. I keep it on my phone because of clients. I feel like I need to keep an eye on their projects. But it would do wonders on my stress levels if I would just let it go. Maybe someday. Just not now.

(Devyn Osborne) #2

I do this too! And I love it.

The break above the home row gives breathing room to the home buttons, allowing them some focus.

It also gives a little relief to the density of the grid. Perhaps it’s related to the old iPhone proportions, but I find the current grid too dense when full.

Lastly, the break gives me a visual reference when looking at my phone. My bottom row has apps i use while driving and I need to quickly locate them. The visual break below clearly indicates their location, particularly when looking at arms length.

(Joe Buhlig) #3


I’m with you here. I like the extra space. It also gives me a little space to tap somewhat randomly at the bottom and still hit what I want.

(Joe Buhlig) #4

It’s been a while, so I figured I would post an update here as I’ve morphed quite a bit. I’ve also upgraded to an iPhone X.

  • I’m still a big fan of the single screen of apps. But I have a second screen for Workflow icons and experimental apps I’m playing with.
  • I’ve grown to enjoy the two rows of empty space above the dock.
  • Ulysses and Bear are very likely to disappear in the near future. But they remain for now.
  • The middle icon in the dock is a shortcut to my personal Notes Discourse.

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(Wilson Ng) #5

I can’t imagine using Bear or Ulysses on an iPhone except for the occasional review. Almost impossible to get any work done on the iPhone 8 screen. Maybe easier to do editing and typing on an iPhone X sized screen? :thinking:

(Joe Buhlig) #6

They’ve been mostly reading of notes and small edits. No original notes or rarely.

(Yaakov Goldberg ) #7

Hi Joe: 1. What do you use the “Due” app for, when you have Omnifocus?
2. I have also heard guys use OF3 - big projects, Things - clear things from your head, Todoist - for single action items. Bear vs Drafts, etc.
3. My head starts to explode when hearing all these apps floating around. Sometimes I feel like we are spending more time on working on apps, than actually getting the real work on in our lives. Only my opinion. Been on your site for less than a week, and it is awesome. Thank you, Yaakov