How to schedule your entire week in less than a minute using Fantastical 2

How to schedule your entire week in less than a minute using Fantastical 2

(Luke) #1

As far as I know I’m the first person to come up with this trick, but I could be wrong.

If you have an iOS or OS X device with Fantastical 2, you’ll know that the neat calendar app lets you type using natural language to create events.

For example;

Work from 9am to 5pm at Apple Campus.

You may also recall that by going into the settings on your device, you can add text shortcuts. The default one is omw which is replaced with “On My Way!”

By combining the knowledge of these two, I made a few neat shortcuts to set up the calendar for the week.

If I set the device to replace “.work” with “9am-5pm Work [address of my workplace]”, it will automatically create an event at the correct time, duration, and place.

Then, all I have to do is rapidly type;

Wednesday .work RETURN
Thursday .work RETURN
Friday .work RETURN
Friday .gym RETURN
Sunday .church RETURN

You get the idea.

This is probably much more helpful if you work part time, are rostered, or work freelance. But it can also be used for regular events, like the gym that sometimes change days.

It’s also extremely useful for using Maps, because it should give you the travel time automatically (correct me if I’m wrong).

And BAM, an entire week filled with scheduled events within a minute. Much easier than having to manually go through and add addresses, etc. Hope this helps some of you!

(Wilson Ng) #2

I love this. I remembered doing this but it got cumbersome because I have to set this up on both my iPad and iPhone as well as every Mac I have. But I guess that’s where the beauty of TextExpander lies. It’ll sync across all your devices.

The beauty of this is that this is free!

(Eric Armstrong) #3

Now I didn’t use TE to do it, but your post helped me to plan out my work: each year I enter my courses that I teach into my calendar. Most of my courses at the university meet 3 times per week, for 1:50 each; each one is at a different time and in a different studio. They repeat each week until the last day of the semester. So I could create a phrase like this:

THEA4010 9/5 9-10:50 @CFT139 every Weds until 11/27 /cf

for each day that a course would meet, and that would tell Fantastical to enter that one day’s meetings for the semester. Now I have all of those saved for this year, I should be able to edit them quite quickly for future years. I do wonder whether there’s a way to separate them all with a comma or something, and have Fantastical parse ALL of them at one go!

(Luke) #4

Correct me if I’m wrong, Wilsonng, but I believe iOS/OSX text shortcuts sync over devices?

It didn’t occur to me that this would be perfect for university. So many course codes, building names, lecturer names that are all useful information to be put into the calendar.

(Wilson Ng) #5

OH, you’re right! Thanks.

The work iPad is on a different Apple ID from my MBP… whew… Completely forgot about that.


In the first episode of the new Show Automators, the entire episode focused on workflows for automating your calendar events. A few of the workflows can be found here:

I believe that Fantastical was used for several of the workflows.

(Luke) #7

That workflow to schedule travel time is really cool, thanks for sharing!

(Joe Buhlig) #8

@Luke! This is super smart. I wish I’d thought of this.

(Luke) #9

Thanks @joebuhlig ! I’ve got a workflow (using workflow/Siri Shortcuts) to schedule your entire day’s that I’m working on now. I’ll share it when I’m finished, because it’s even easier than this— and I suspect much more useful.

(Joe Buhlig) #10

Please do. I’m just now learning and exploring ways to automate calendar items.