Forget Third Party Email Apps

Forget Third Party Email Apps
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(Justin DiRose) #41

I’ll be honest - I couldn’t do my job without IM. I manage 10 people remotely. But it can be a huge time sink. Thankfully, I don’t have the day to day interruptions and drive-bys others in the corporate world do, but IM is still hard to manage. It feels more personal, but is also a lot more information for a high Input person like myself.

(Curtis Spendlove) #42

Yup. I’m at the point in my career where I’m transitioning from coding to managing cats coders.

I just barely do more coding than IM / meetings. (“lync” is Skype for Business)

6 hours of comminucfions is kinda crazy in a week. And I’m sure this is on the low end. I’m very particular about when I communicate. It could easily double.

Edit: incidentally the other 15h of my typical week are on my iPad or paper (meetings, writing, etc) which isn’t easily trackable in RescueTime. I’d kinda like to see Timings for iOS and Windows. :wink:

For anyone interested:

GitHub - mostly project management (issues, code review, kanban flow), occasionally I get to assign a ticket to myself and dive in

Slack - coordinating with my team, pretty much anything that isn’t appropriate for Github (I try to keep very transparent though, so most stuff goes into Github)

Skype for Business - mandatory “sync” meetings with stakeholders (client team principles)

VS Code / localhost - the editor varies depending on the project, but sometimes I need to manually test, did into a branch, or otherwise help my team with actual code… I remember that, actually pushing my own code to production. :wink:

And I had a meeting the other day where they want to abstract me one more level up the chain, managing multiple leads, those that do what I’m doing right meow (100 points for the correct reference).

(This is great, but puts a nail in the coffin of having code in production going past 2018.)

(I re-found this thread while looking for advice I could apply to a new connundrum–is Discourse a good option for project planning / documentation / collaboration in both my business and personal life.)

(Tyler Weitzman) #43

It’s possibly a generational thing too.

I have friends in high school who type and move faster on their phone than they can on a desktop.

As that younger work force becomes the larger and larger demographic in the workplace businesses have even more incentive to shift to IM from email than the other way around looking into the future.

Concretely though, the main problems I hear regarding IM are—
(1) Forgetting IMs for reply or action
(2) Inability to find IMs
(3) High volume input

#1 and #2 can certainly be solved in the future with better work flows for IM + task management and organization apps.

#3 is a problem that exists in email as well. I don’t think it’s solvable for either email nor IM if you have many people to communicate with on a daily basis. If anything, IM at least doesn’t suffer from as much noise as email-- and tends to have a higher (or at least faster) response rate

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(Justin DiRose) #45


Joe saw Super Troopers BEFORE Star Wars??

Does @shouit know this?

(Josh Rensch) #46

I know. I am disappointed. But Star Wars viewing has been remedied.

(Joe Buhlig) #47

I know! I had a college roommate who was obsessed.


(Curtis Spendlove) #48

Sorry to derail a bit with the Super Troopers, but it is always a worthy diversion. :wink:

I’m so looking forward to #2.

I’m curious about the Star Wars remedy. I figure there may be something about this in an upcoming podcast? :):rofl:

Oh, and sorry Joe, I guess your :100: points are ethereal, since I have no way to award them. :slight_smile: