Discourse as a GTD Reference Repository

Discourse as a GTD Reference Repository
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Wondering if I could install it on my webfaction server where I host my blog.

(Joe Buhlig) #23

As long as you can run Docker:

I will say that it’s usually not worth it. The $5 a month isn’t much to ask I don’t think.

(Curtis Spendlove) #24

I’ve not heard of webfaction before, but as long as it is a VPS “server” host, you should be ok.

If it is something like a shared PHP “Wordpress” host, then probably not.

I agree with Joe, though, this setup is pretty amazing for $5/month.

(Justin DiRose) #25

I just spun a personal instance up alongside my Wordpress micro.blog instance on a $5 droplet. Works like a charm. If anyone needs help, let me know :slight_smile:

(Curtis Spendlove) #26

Just checking in. So far this experiment has been going quite well. I’m very happy with it.

I’ll try to have some stuff to share soon. (No guarantees, I’m horrible at being too self conscious to show many workflows.)


(Joe Buhlig) #27

I’m definitely curious about half-baked systems. I share mine all the time. :wink:

(Wilson Ng) #28

Our lives are a half-baked system. We just gotta keep turning the grilled steaks a little more…

I think I’m always trying to break through that barrier of being self conscious in real life situations. It’s easier when you’re on the keyboard. Give it a go! I’m always game for constructive critiques of my workflow when I post here!

(Mike N) #29

Is there a way to default closed topics to the bottom of a category? i.e. Open topics are sorted by date with closed always at the bottom?

Not sure if my google skills are weak or that isn’t possible.

(Joe Buhlig) #30

You can set up a category with an “Auto-Close” timeframe. And then you can append ?status=open to any topic list URL to remove all the closed topics from the list.