Capture Tool For Your Consideration

(Jason Maxwell) #1

Hello All,

Just wanted to share with everyone the tool that has become my default capture method. It’s an app called Braintoss. David Allen the GTD creator himself has called it the best he has seen. You link it to an email address, then when you launch it you choose voice, text, or image. Capture what you need and then it’s sent off to your email inbox for processing later. You can use your Omnifocus or Evernote email if you want. I don’t work for them or anything, I’ve just found it extremely useful. If you’re looking for a quick capture tool, take a look.


(Alexandre) #2

It looks nice, no doubt, but the app is not updated since July of 2015, and I get a bit suspicious of apps not updated that much time (two iOS versions ago)

(Joe Buhlig) #3

I’ve had this one recommended to me multiple times and I know there are many who love it (David Allen included). I simply know that using something like Drafts lets me put tasks exactly where I want within my other system without processing later on.

It really depends on how you work. If you just need a fast capture tool to dump things into an inbox, Braintoss looks great. If you want to consolidate a few more capture mechanism and control the output, Drafts is where I send people.

That said, @alexandremrj has an excellent point that would worry me. I’ve recommended Braintoss to folks looking for a simple capture tool in the past but it’s getting to be too long since an update to trust it anymore.

(Jason Maxwell) #4

Valid point about the lack of update. Its something I hadn’t noticed. I sent them an email asking about it.


(Alexandre) #5

Drafts for me has a problem, only text.

I use force touch in Evernote for text, photos (just wish for audio also) and then TaskClone when processing my inbox

(Joe Buhlig) #6

If you can, let us know what they say. I’d be very interested in their response since this one comes up so frequently.

I used to have the same issue. But since I never capture in audio, the only other media I need to capture are pictures. And for me, I use DropBox for it. I always hit “Save to DropBox” via Share Sheet on my phone for those. Though I do wish there was a Drafts-like app for images.

(Alexandre) #7

Why use the share sheet for Dropbox and not activate the automatic upload in the Dropbox app?

(Joe Buhlig) #8

I’m not paying for DropBox and have limited storage space. I’m only saving select images into specific folders. I move “old” reference in DropBox to an external when it’s no longer needed in active projects.

(Jason Maxwell) #9

I will definitely let everyone know what, if any, response I get from them. I suppose this is just a matter of what tool works best for one’s lifestyle.

Drafts, to me, has become so “advanced” that it is starting to border on a text editor at this point. Add in the fact that the reality of my life just doesn’t seem to dictate me needing it and it’s getting less and less use from me. I just don’t ever “capture” big, long complicated things that need to be parsed out and manipulated. And when it comes to things like social media and email, I just see Drafts as an extra step. I could launch drafts, type a tweet, then send it to twitter from Drafts. Or, I could just launch Tweetbot and do it there. Same for email.

(Jason Maxwell) #10

I received a reply to my inquiry about an update. Here it is in full…

Dear Jason,

Thanks for your email and we are working hard on an update (so hard even I failed to answer you sooner :wink:

Expect nice new features in the update, yet not losing any of its simplicity :slight_smile:

By the way I have a question in return. We will be looking into talking to training partners in the US about including Braintoss in their advice, many Timemanagement and Productivity training companies in the Netherlands already do this and it helps us grow so we can keep developing. Can you recommend me how to go about that in your region? Which parties and/or people should I talk to?

Cheers, Richard

(Joe Buhlig) #11

At least they’re working on an update. It still concerns me that it took so long. :wink: But that’s me being picky.

(Jason Maxwell) #12

I know its been forever, but Braintoss finally released an update. I promised I would let everyone know when it happened, so here it is. It’s still my capture tool of choice.

(Joe Buhlig) #13

A man of his word. I like it. :wink:

So what exactly is included in this update? I did a quick search and came up empty. Maybe I’m just not seeing the right site for it.

(Jason Maxwell) #14

Improvements include:

1.) Setting a default method of capture (voice, text, or image), so that when the app is launched, it launches directly into that mode. No need to launch the app and then select the mode. I especially like this because I use voice more than anything else. I just launch the app and its already recording. No need to hit another button.

2.) Use of 3D touch to launch into the capture mode of your choice as well as to select which email address you want to send your info to.

3.) Using the “share” function in other apps, you can capture stuff via Braintoss

4.)OCR for the scanning function

5.)Apparently, there is more cool stuff for the watch version, but I’m not an Apple Watch user so can’t speak to that.