Capture OmniFocus Tasks on Windows with AutoHotKey

Capture OmniFocus Tasks on Windows with AutoHotKey
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I’ve been experimenting with using OmniFocus again lately. Using Windows at work has been a barrier, especially for capture and management of tasks. There are a few ways to capture from Windows, including setting up your Exchange-synced task list as the Reminders list in OmniFocus. That feels a little too cumbersome to me, so I wanted to try a different approach.

Below is an AutoHotKey script to create a quick capture window for OmniFocus. Here’s how it works:

  • Install AutoHotKey, save this in a file ending in .ahk (be sure to edit the script to include your OF email address).
  • Run the file.
  • Trigger the shortcut with Ctrl+Shift+D
  • Type in the task you want to capture
  • Hit Enter
  • The script will open an email in whatever email client is set to default with the subject and email already populated.
  • From there, hit send (Alt+S for Outlook) and it’s off!
    MailList := "<your OmniFocus email address>"

    InputBox, task, Capture to OF, Enter Task, , 640, 480

    GoTo, EmailThem

    Run, mailto:%MailList%?subject=%task%

Let me know what you think about this and if you need/want any changes made.

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