Can’t You Just Say What the ‘Content’ Is?

(guildbot) #1

Drew thinks “content” is a dirty word. Joe thinks giving two hours every week to pondering questions seems like a whole lot of time. Also, more conversation on space for silence.
Show notes:
If you ever hear me use the phrase “create content” without sarcasm please know you have my full permission to cut me down where I stand. (
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Joshua’s travel logs (
[The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck]{
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The 2 Hour Rule: The Genius of Einstein, Darwin, and Nietzsche Applied (
The 2-Minute Rule (
Why You Need “White Space” in Your Daily Routine (

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(Justin DiRose) #2

@drewcoffman If I’m understanding it correctly, the discourse at the end of this episode about filling every moment of time and not giving space to think is totally what I was talking about in my Twitter DM to you a while back. For me, not giving this space to think causes me to feel overwhelmed and stressed. But I’m totally with you – I have a bent for the same.