Back to a Digital Task Manager

Back to a Digital Task Manager

(Joe Buhlig) #1

An episode dedicated to a singular topic: Joe is back to using OmniFocus.
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(Wilson Ng) #2

Welcome back!

I’ve always seen task management workflows as fluid. Go to analog (or another task manager) when you don’t need all the bells and whistles that OF3 gives. When your life ramps up, go back to OF3. It will have to take a current life-altering situation for me to change completely. From what I remember in the podcast, you recently went back to analog when you were going free agent after years as a contractor. That was a perfect time to change task management workflows. When your workload changed, it was a fortuitous time to switch to OF3.

I can imagine myself actually switching to Things 3 if my life ever gets simpler (hint: not happening any time soon). For now, I’ve been on OmniFocus 3.

I do feel some sadness when I see a Twitter user or someone on the OmniFocus Discourse struggle and continuously hop between apps. But it’s the workflow that makes everything flow. If a person doesn’t have a solid workflow to rely on (consistently capturing, organizing, reviewing, doing) then it doesn’t matter what task manager is chosen. The friction lies in the workflow and not the app. The app greases the wheels but the workflow is the engine that makes everything work in synchronicity.

There’s some growing pains as we get adjusted to OmniFocus 3. In the beginning of the OF3 TestFlight, I was on the one tag bandwagon. For the most part, I’m still on it. But I can see where I can see myself doing multiple tags but it won’t be often.

There are thousands of features I’ve never used in Photoshop. I’m glad they’re there but I’ll most likely never get to it because my demands aren’t strong enough to explore them. Thankfully, a bunch of YouTube videos or ScreenCast Online tutorials will point me in the right direction when I need to. The same idea applies to OF3. I haven’t found a use for the Forecast tag. I know it’s there. But I won’t bother it until I find a use for it. I might find some tip or workflow here in the Guild or at the OmniFocus Discourse that might tempt me. But I don’t have a problem to solve.

I do like to go back to analog to simplify my workflows and then re-apply them back to OF3 when needed. I still have my open notebook with a list of single actions on one page. On the opposite facing page, I have my 3-4 Big Rocks with the next 3 tasks written down. I might work on a group of single actions or I might focus on one of the Big Rocks. I’m still in a hybrid world and I’m OK with that.

Looking forward to seeing your workflow evolution right here in the Guild.