9: Form Letter Podcasting

(guildbot) #1

Josh and Joe are blaming their wives for various things. That’s not always wise but they have a plan forward regardless.

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(Matt Vanderpol) #2

I listened to the podcast while taking my lunch-time walk and my 15 year old daughter (just finishing her 9th grade year) shared her latest school work with me and it was so perfectly inline with what @joebuhlig and @Josh were talking about in the podcast related to creativity that I had to share it here.

Her assignment was to read a section in her science book (For the Love of Physics) on refraction then copy a diagram from the book and do a written narration summarizing what she’d read. She created this:

She created it on aniPad that is her primary computing device. She uses it for reading and drawing and photo manipulation and typing written narrations (among many other things). While talking about it my wife pointed out that this is also a great example of how technology can be used to enhance education.