8: You Have Created Audiobooks

(guildbot) #1

Although Joe doesn’t like audiobooks, he has created them. And Josh loves being frozen. There’s also a bit of a personal note in this one.

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(Matt Vanderpol) #2

I’ll second Apocalyptica, Two Steps from Hell, and Lindsey Stirling. Another good string group is The Hampton String Quartet (they cover a lot of classic rock).

(Joe Buhlig) #3

Here’s the playlist I’ve been using for development:

I’ve not heard of The Hampton String Quartet. But I’m looking that one up now. :wink:

(Matt Vanderpol) #4

Where is Episode 9?!?! :wink:

(Josh Rensch) #5

I don’t know… I just show up with a mic. :smiley:

(Joe Buhlig) #6

It’s coming! It’s coming! Crunching the processing right now. It’s been a busy week for podcasts. :wink:

(Joe Buhlig) #7