4: Blame The In-Laws

(guildbot) #1

The parenting questions continue while Joe struggles to do anything on his goals and Josh preps for his Ignite talk.

(Melissa) #2

@joebuhlig, regarding encouraging 4yo: Plan a family outing with just the three of you, or one on one time for logistical purposes. Make it a monthly event where she gets to do something as a “big girl” that the 2yo doesn’t get to do. Show her that being older has benefits.
Kids all develop at their own pace. She might be one of those kids that wants to have a better understanding before taking the risk of trying and failing. And keep in mind that she’s still only 4.

(Joe Buhlig) #3

That’s something I try to do with both of the older girls. The whole daddy-daughter thing. But I also had another idea. Kids are notorious for catching over listening. I’m starting to explain the times when I’ve tried something and it doesn’t work out. Though, it’s quite humbling to notice these times and call them out. But my hope is that she’ll see that and be willing to follow suit. But again, I won’t know if this works for some time.