31: Building A New Goal

(guildbot) #1

Joe dropped an atom bomb on his first goal. But what did he replace it with? And why make a big change this late in the game? But wait, how did he examine this new idea and get this far with it so quickly?

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(Wilson Ng) #2

I’ve always thought that we hold on to a goal for a while to see if we can develop something further. But then something else comes along that is more enticing. I think it’s OK to shelf a goal/project in the meantime. To make room for something new, something old must go. There’s only so much room in our lives. Make the things in our lives count. That’s what I’ve been attempting to do with my goals and mind maps. Sometimes a project/goal lingers on past its expiration date.

It’s great to hear a discussion of Joe lowering the Pro Guild 100 members goal and promote up the Savant goal. The Pro Guild will come up later in the future but it needs to be nurtured slowly to grow organically.

I remembered going through what Josh went through with decluttering. My books were the first thing to go. I did but some books that were clunkers and held on to it because I paid for it. I was able to buy ebook versions of many books that I liked. But my wallet thankfully limited my ebook collection because not every book was a keeper. I’ve only kept a small handful of books that I really liked or needed because they are technical reference manuals.

Good luck on the Savant goal!