26: Season 2 Post-Mortem

(guildbot) #1

It’s time to be honest and see what Josh and Joe accomplished (or failed to accomplish) over the last 12 weeks. The results are mostly dumpster fires with occasional kittens sprinkled on top.

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(Wilson Ng) #2

another season wrapped up and placed into the archives…

Yeah, I don’t know if i can do the 12 week year yet. I think I’m OK with the one month target (4 weeks). Maybe later, I’ll be able to extend my mastery to 12 weeks. It’s like baby steps. I gotta learn how to crawl for 10 feet first. Then Ill learn to walk for 10 feet later. Then I’ll be able to run for dear life after that hot mess of a Dumpster Fire Inferno that I call my 12 week year.

While the 12 week year is a nice goal to achieve, I’m gonna have to agree with Josh. Maybe we have our hands full with two goals to hit instead of three. Later, we can expand our capability to handle three goals. I’m just happy to even complete one of my Big Rocks in the last month.