24: What to Do If You Get Screwed

(guildbot) #1

Josh is now a sitter. Joe got ripped off. And that means this episode goes into legal conversation and the woes of doing freelance work online.

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(Wilson Ng) #2

wow… A jam packed episode full of drama, betrayal, Dumpster Fires that can escalate to Towering Infernos and revenge…

Re: The Lamborghini

I joke with my family that the Lamborghini is my white whale - that far-off goal that seems impossible to achieve. Maybe one day… But in reality, I think I only want to drive a Lamborghini for 1 hour a month. Otherwise, it’s a completely impractical vehicle not meant for every day travel.

Re: Plotting Revenge

I’ve vote for filing. Yeah, it’s time consuming but it’s necessary. It’s put on official record if anyone does a background check on those bastards. I’m glad I encounter people like these so I’ll never have to deal with them ever again.

It reminds me of a time when I let a friend borrow a few hundred dollars. If he returns it, I’m good with him and it shows me character. If he doesn’t return it, he’ll never get the balls to return and ask me for more money. I essentially paid someone to go away and never call on me. If he’s got the guts to try to borrow money, I can honestly say that I’m fresh out of charity and good will.

Re: Meditating

I think I’m like an alcoholic. My mind is so busy all the time, I don’t realize it and think it’s normal. An alcoholic might think the same way. He think “eh, I’ve only had 8 cans of beer. I can still drive…” Maybe one day I’ll be able to learn to sit still… sigh.

Re: OmniPlan and scheduling

@joebuhlig: are you trying out Trello or the Personal Kanban method? Your whiteboard looks like a kanban board. It should look easy enough. Granted, I’ve put this on my someday/maybe list to explore but I’ve got to get ready for the Christmas shopping season at my work now. One day…

(Joe Buhlig) #3

Definitely not the point. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe that’s part of it for me. I keep coming back to it but it always feels like a waste a time. Even after two weeks straight of doing it.

I’m not. I know it looks like Kanban but it’s the middle section that throws it off. I could make it work in something like Trello but the columns would need to change every week. As it is I just move a Post-It.

There’s also the tactile feel of it. Between Can paper replace OmniFocus? and A Productivity Journal, I’m learning about my need to step away from a screen more. I think it’s tied to some of my stress lately.