23: It's Raining Sharks

(guildbot) #1

Let’s just say Josh gets fired up this round. Thus, an explicit rating is required. In the end, we all need to learn how to work together on teams. Oh! And Josh invented a new rating.

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(Wilson Ng) #2

Wow… Josh is lit and on fire… The heat is on…

Yes, it’s sad to see a world where people are looking out for themselves and forgetting about teamwork. I remembered being told in my childhood to work together and we can achieve great things. Unfortunately, negotiations and compromise have taken a backseat in office politics and national politics.

There was an old quote that says “it is easier to catch a fly with honey instead of vinegar.” Unfortunately, it’s chic to be aggressive with a me-first and take-no-prisoners attitude. I tend to stay away at arm’s length (and preferably more) from such people because I can just imagine the dumpster fire that will eventually be ignited sooner or later.

We all go through our dumpster fires and this dumpster fire was raging. @shouit, thanks for the peek into your life and reminding me that I’m not the only one trying to wade through the mess called Life.

(Josh Rensch) #3

Thanks for that @wilsonng. It was a rough one.

(Josh Rensch) #4

Another listener thought of this article when I said: “Cannot confirm nor deny.”