18: The Guild Turns Pro

(guildbot) #1

Josh encourages Joe to sell the Guild and not be dumb as the Pro section opens. And they both dive into an interesting conversation on being genuine online.

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(Wilson Ng) #2

A major step for the Guild!

There have been times where I’ve felt insecure when I’m in a new group and I feel like I’m in way over my head. I get this nagging feeling that I’m entering into a conversation where the participants are in another league and talking Greek. I’ll feel like a fraud (I.e. not a real programmer and not genuine) but I step up to the plate and eventually feel comfortable in my own skin. Then I can contribute in my own way somehow.

I remembered being a computer novice at the tender age of 18 and introduced to a database program called 4th Dimension. Every week, each group member presented something they were walking on. One guy was working on a database for a local tour guide company with reservations, customer billing, and scheduling. I felt crushed. Another person was developing a full accounts receivable database for a limousine company. All I had was a database designed to keep track of my book library. I’m in here with the pros and I ain’t even got my jersey yet!

Thankfully, they knew that I was the newbie and worked with me to expand my meager database skills and helped me flesh out my book library to include book lending, user tracking, and multi-user reviews. I was grateful for having mentors in that group showing the rookie the ropes and patiently wait for me to grow at my own pace.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Guild participants. We’re all in this together.