15: Make The Bad Guy Relatable

(guildbot) #1

Josh doesn’t like sleeping and learned some things about writing without mental reserves. Joe rebranded the Guild and started pulling in content. And both of them digress on finances and chip cards.

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(Justin DiRose) #2

@shouit I’m very interested in your thoughts on being productive in corporate, as you discussed possibly sharing in the Guild. That’s where I’m at right now and will probably be for quite a while.

(Josh Rensch) #3

That’s cool, @justindirose. Unless something drastic happens with healthcare in this country, I will be there with you. What specifically are you interested in?

I will draft up an article proposal for @joebuhlig and see what he thinks. We are having a “secret” meeting tomorrow to discuss.

(Justin DiRose) #4

@shouit Here are a few initial thoughts:

  • Balancing organizational goals with personal tasks
  • Dealing with interruptions and distractions, especially if you have people/clients you manage
  • Tips on presenting in the corporate world

Those are major ones on my mind right now since they’ve been personally relevant. I’ll keep you informed of more as I think of them.

(Josh Rensch) #5

I will begin working on.

(Joe Buhlig) #6

Building off of @justindirose’s thoughts, I’d be interested in some of the more tactical pieces:

  1. How do you manage work tasks vs personal tasks? Two task managers? How do work this out?
  2. Are you allowed to use cloud services like Box, DropBox, iCloud? How do you keep resources in the right place?
  3. I’m sure you’re in a lot of meetings. What is your note-taking/storage workflow?

(Justin DiRose) #7

Oh yes. I am 100% interested in this one.